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Finally you have a place where the world can find you.

NEXT BREAKOUT HIT is the platform for new and important films to be discovered, and made available for viewing.

The need for quality content is growing and they way things get produced is about to change.


Your film is ready.

You've done the final cut. You own it, and the copyright is filed. 
Now what?
Send it to NEXT BREAKOUT HIT. It's the place where serious film lovers and professionals look to find what's new and original in cinema today.
- Introduce yourself and your film with a Personal Profile.
- Get upfront revenue from film lovers who will see your film online.
- Enter your film in festivals all over the world.
- Introduce your film at our "Breakout Parties," where the public is eager to meet new talent before the critics do.



When one of our profiled directors has a new film premiere to announce, will give you all the details right here.


When is the next Film Festival so you can see all the great new films being created? Check here first.



Get a jump on your career by personal interaction with distributors and film lovers.


Film lovers will want to see your film because the filmmaker - that's YOU - is someone with a personal back story, and not just a name on the credits.


All the professionals in the business of showing films - distributors, festivals, even film schools - want to connect to your talent.

About Us: FAQ

What is Next Breakout Hit?

Next Breakout Hit is a platform for introducing new filmmakers to the public and distributors. We will highlight developments in distribution, film festivals and have news about breakthrough talent. Eventually, we will have their new films available for viewing by streaming or download.

What does is cost?

We are currently in start-up mode, and just want you to register. Once up-and-running, Next Breakout Hit will have new quality films available for viewing at a small membership fee. Filmmakers register for free, and earn revenue from our download service

We are currently seeking and accepting funding for those who believe our idea can help raise the level of filmed entertainment. Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss terms.

Where are your movies and clips?

Since we are just starting, we do not yet have a full roster of filmmakers or crew. Still, there is a lot happening. We are lining up funding, we are searching for new talent, we are developing our website platform - all to be ready to introduce you to the hottest new talent and show you the latest films being made today.


Have a great idea for a film? Have footage on your YouTube Channel and need greater exposure? Are you enrolled in Film School and you want to let the world know about your creative work?
Stay tuned as Next Breakout Hit assembles to tools and resources to help get you noticed.

Want to help?

We are developing our presence on to bring our vision of this new film community to fruition. Please contact us to arrange a meeting.